Listed Status: Attempt #3

After listed status was rejected by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport in 2003, Iain Sear, the same passionate MK advocate was again applying to Historic England following the immediate threat of demolition presented by owner Hammerson, who submitted their first proposal for demolition of The Point.

Alongside the wider claims of its historic significance to the British cinema industry, Iain again noted that the building was one of our city’s most famous structures.

“A generation has grown up as Milton Keynes was built around them and they identify with The Point as a focal building … In the past 9 years The Point has remained an iconic building in Milton Keynes … it forms part of the heritage of the City Centre.”

Iain Sear, 17 Jun 2012

Historic England again declined the listing. Whilst mentioning its local interest, their accompanying advice report also stated that:

“…in terms of the history of cinema [multiplexes are] only a minor development in cinema design.”

“The ziggurat pyramid … has some claim to architectural interest for its eye-catching, commercially-orientated, function-driven design, but … was not built to a consistently high standard nor with high quality materials and detailing.”

“The building … has suffered from continual refurbishment.”

Historic England, 22 Feb 2013

These documents were made available by Historic England (HE) via a Freedom of Information request submitted on 28th September 2020. Other attempts at listed status are also available for download.

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