Listed Status: Attempt #1

Iain Sear, a local resident of Milton Keynes perhaps foresaw the perils The Point faced long before anyone else in 2003. Following the closure of UCI cinema and the lacklustre performance of easyCinema, he approached English Heritage and the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) to obtain listed status.

“The Laser displays from the peak of The Point are one of my most vivid childhood memories.”

Iain Sear, 28 Jul 2003

DCMS responded that at less than 30 years of age the building was too new, nor was it under threat from any form of planning permission. Listed status was denied.

These documents were made available by Historic England (HE) via a Freedom of Information request submitted on 28th September 2020. Further attempts at listed status were made over the years to follow.

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